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The DisinfoCast with Matt Staggs: Episode 30: Brody Stevens

We've got comedian Brody Stevens, fresh off of his HBO Digital Series "Brody Stevens: Enjoy It!", a documentary comedy series that follows Brody as he pulls his life back together in the aftermath of a very public mental breakdown (fans and the world witnessed it via Twitter). Out of the UCLA psych ward, back on his meds, and trying to get his stand-up and film career back on track, Brody makes the rounds in LA, with pal Zach Galifianakis and others in tow, reconnecting and reconciling with the recognizable faces in the biz that he'd let down.

Brody talks with me about his life post-"Enjoy It!", how his medication change has affected his comedy, and what it's been like trying to mend relationships that were strained - and sometimes broken - during his manic episode.

Follow Brody on Twitter at @brodyismefriend, and subscribe to his podcast "The Brody Stevens Festival of Friendship" here. Learn more about "Brody Stevens: Enjoy It!" here.

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