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The DisinfoCast with Matt Staggs: Episode 27: STRAIGHT INC. Survivor Steve Brown

Steve Brown wasn't a bad teenager: He smoked a little pot and drank some beeer now and again with his friends - your typical 15 year-old. So how did he end up hundreds of miles away from home in a "drug treatment center" based on a program that took its lead from Chinese brainwashing techniques? Steve's new home was a place where children were beaten, starved and deprived of sleep to ensure compliance; where children were forced to sleep in a series of strangers' houses so that the executives could avoid inspections. This was STRAIGHT, INC.,  the brainchild of a wealthy businessman whose deep connections to the Republican party ensured no political favor was too far out of reach in the era of "Just Say No." Join us for a tale of drug hysteria, government malfeasance and big money in this episode of the DisinfoCast.

Warning: This episode of the DisinfoCast features a frank discussion of child abuse and institutional torture. Some listeners may find it disturbing.

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