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Marcie Gainer interviews The Equation of Life director, 12-year-old Gerry Orz and stress expert, Gail Peterson about bullying and the impact it has on everyone involved.

The Equation of Life is a dramatic film by one child who is speaking to all children (and adults) about a subject so important it should be seen by everyone. More than a story about bullying, The Equation of Life teaches that every decision we make changes the path on which we travel. 

When 11-year-old Adam (played by filmmaker Gerry Orz) is bullied in his new town on his way to school, he begins to video journal his daily experiences. When he finally takes matters into his own hands, everyone around him is affected. His parents, his sister, the bully and his mother… they all pay a price for their actions.

Gail Peterson is a perpetual entrepreneur, advice giver, and optimist. Her expertise in bullying and unique coping methods have been featured on National TV, radio, and in top tier publications like SPRY, The Manilla Folder, and Expert Beacon. She is currently heading the post of Chief Rock Picker in her latest venture Too Many Rocks in Your Pocket.

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DisinfoCast: 83: Producer Adam Scorgie

Adam Scorgie is a producer and indie film-maker most commonly known for his work on the documentaries The Union,The Culture High The Good Son, Ice Guardians & I AM BRUCE LEE

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DisinfoCast: 82: Lyle Blackburn: LIzard Man

Monster hunter, writer and rocker Lyle Blackburn returns to the podcast to talk about growing up as a monster-obsessed kid, how his house got featured on HGTV's Home Strange Home and his newest book:'Lizard Man: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster'.

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DisinfoCast: 81: Russ Kick -

Legendary editor Russ Kick ("50 Things You're Not Supposed to Know", "You Are Being Lied To", "The Graphic Canon") returns to the DisinfoCast to discuss his new collection "Death Poems", an anthology of verse both modern and classic dedicated to all aspects of death: Funerals, the death penalty, serial killings, the Underworld and more. Funny, sad, atheistic, spiritual, mythic, wise and morbid, this is the perfect collection for anyone who needs a little "memento mori".

Additional subjects discussed: Near-death experiences, morbid thoughts, the afterlife or lack thereof, "the 357 test", the role of art, post-modernism and more.

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DisinfoCast: 80: Daniele Bolelli: How To Be Less of an A**hole

I spring an entirely unplanned question on fighting philosopher Daniele Bolelli ("On the Warrior's Path", "50 Things You're Not Supposed to Know: Religion"): How can we all strive toward not being assholes? What develops is an interesting conversation on empathy, jealousy, violence, and the philosophical nature of good and evil.

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Activist and filmmaker Craig Rosebraugh produced, directed and co-wrote GREEDY LYING BASTARDS, a documentary that investigates the reason behind stalled efforts to tackle climate change despite consensus in the scientific community that it is not only a reality but also a growing problem that is placing us on the brink of disaster.

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DisinfoCast: 78: Zero, Jonah, and D: The New York Initiative

Zero, Jonah and D are members of the New York Initiative, a group of ordinary people dedicated to extraordinary change through community activism, education and intervention. The NYI was one of several groups of "real-life superheroes" featured in the HBO documentary "Superheroes", but they prefer to be labeled - if at all - as "Extreme Altruists". Note: There was a little echo in this recording. Efforts have been made to remove it, but some still lingers.

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DisinfoCast: 77: Brian Barczyk -

Brian Barczyk is the owner and operator of BHB Reptiles (, one of the nation's largest breeders of snakes and other reptiles, and the host of the popular internet series "Snakebytes". ( Want to see some snakes? There's a video edition of this podcast available at

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DisinfoCast: 76: Ivan Hannell - Questioning in the Classroom

Attorney Ivan Hannell believes learning to ask better questions helps create a higher quality learning experience. As a consultant, he travels around the country educating teachers in the same kinds of interrogative techniques he developed as a trial lawyer.

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DisinfoCast: 75: Brian Wood

Brian Wood is the author of some of the present era's smartest comic books, including "DMZ", "The Massive", "Channel Zero", and "Northlanders". Wood's original works explore political and social issues through characters trying to survive and even make a difference in the midst of political, social and environmental change. In addition to his all-original stories, Wood is well known for his work with popular franchises like Star Wars, Conan and the X-Men.

In this episode of the DisinfoCast, Wood and I talk about his work, the media, politics, the future and the difficulties an artist faces dealing with the expectations of his fans.

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